The Marine Meteorology Project launching and the First Technical meeting:

The Directors Conference of Niamey dated November 2008, approved The Niamey Plan, which includes in Action Plan I, a pilot project in Marine Meteorology, consisting mainly of the transfer of knowledge and infrastructure, and the willingness of aech participating country to facilitate the facilities as well as the will to learn, until we could achieve its own autonomy at the end of the projects´s 4 year term. During the first stage, the following countries will be involved: Senegal, Mauritania, Cabo Verde, and Gambia. Guinea and Guinea Bissau will be added later. The expansion of other countries belonging to the Guinean Gulf will be considered.

The launching meeting to sign the Terms of Reference of the Project, will take place on the 14th of June in Dakar, with the presence of the OMM and AEMET, the Directors from the Meteorology Service participants, as well as the Spanish Meteorology State Agency President.

The first Technical Meeting on the focal points of each country, OMM and AEMET, will take place on the following dates, July 15 and 16.

• Program Meeting on Marine Meteorology Dakar 14-16 Jul  

• LIST PARTIC Meeting on Marine Meteorology and Workshop in Management for the Directors of NMHSs